BS 7858:2019

Security and Vetting

BS7858 is a code of practice for the Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment. This British Standard helps employers to screen security personnel before they employ them. It gives best-practice recommendations, sets the standard for the security screening of staff in an environment where the safety of people, goods or property is essential. This includes data security, sensitive and service contracts and confidential records. It can also be applied to situations where security screening is in the public’s interest.

SDG Solutions standards security internal audits
Internal Audits

We can carry out audits on your behalf or provide you with the training and tools for your staff to successfully carry out these audits themselves.

SDG Solutions standards security external audits
External Audits

We can support you though the audit process to achieve accreditation and implement continuous improvement to maintain the standard.

SDG Solutions standards security
Screening Policies and Procedures

Screening applies to all employees including acquisitions, transfers and subcontractors. The policies and procedures need to cover security screening working practices and should be regularly reviewed and updated. Procedures should also cover clearing desks, locking filing cabinets, security shredding and the control of access to computers and data storage media.

SDG Solutions standards security documentation

We can provide document templates for all aspects of security clearance including reference enquiries, application forms and statutory declarations

SDG Solutions standards security identity checking
Risk Management

The standard ensures that an organisation does not employ individuals whose career or history indicates that they maybe a risk in the role, given that such employment might allow opportunities for illicit personal gain or breaches of security.

SDG Solutions standards security legal compliance
Legal Compliance

It is important all screening procedures and data recorded comply with relevant legislation including the Information Commissioner’s Employment Practice Codes, covering the Data Protection Act, and relevant employment law.

A Few Kind Words

Comments from some of our satisfied clients. Please contact us if you require a specific reference

SDG provided Databank with necessary tools to successfully implement ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001. Their consultancy services throughout all our Global operations and has provided valuable assistance in the forthcoming implementation of ISO 27018 throughout our European Network

Paul Stone General Manager, Databank

We have worked with SDG for over 10 years on various projects as a consultant establishing, implementing and maintaining ISO Accreditations for Quality, Environmental and Information Management Security. They distinguished themselves by consistently providing exceptionally well-researched and well-written policies and procedures, training material for all areas of our operations.

Anthony Pearlgood Managing Director, Wownow

Being a security screening company essentially means that we check the background of personnel that organisations wish to employ. SDG have offered tremendous support for over three years, ensuring that we maintain our security screening compliance and accreditation.

Steve Cox Director, Security & Vetting Solutions Ltd

The Clients

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